Bie, Joris de

Senior managing consultantj.debie@berenschot.nl0655364827- Medicins sans Frontiers (Artsen zonder Grenzen Amsterdam), transition coach improve logistic strategy improvement: setting up process improvement plan first phase. - Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM) thoughtleadership development trajectory for advanced professionals- Warande, eldery care: Lean implementation for psychology professionals- Leadership development: develop and deliver leadership programmes for over 200 managers of Ministery of Foreign Affairs (for a period of 5 years over 15 management groups )- Leadership programmes for Hospitals managers/teamleaders (over 130 teamleiders of Reinier de Graaf Hospital. Leadership modules for Viecuri hospital, Bronovo and VUmc.- Philips Six Sigma Process Improvement programme, business consultancy / change Management consultant in - worldwide  (trained/coached over 250 Black Belts & Greenbelts 30 different nationalities )- Elsevier Lean Six Sigma implementation program 11 projects / in India, USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands- Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland RVO (install Lean Six Sigma expertise center & help management with project selection and contineous improvement approach- Stork Innovation facilitation developing new products & services idea generation start-ups- Communicating with the Public for countries in the Middle East.- Management Development Programmes for Businesses, Multinationals, Dutch/Arab Ministeries, Municipalities and NGO's - Pioneer of Executive Action Learning MBA Business School Nederland & Czech Business School in Prague, Czech Republic.- Pioneer of briefings / training & coaching for international expatriate managers of most Dutch Multi-nationals on cross-cultural management, international leadership.- Specialties: Six Sigma process improvement (Change Management application for Black & Green Belts worldwide)- Business Antropology (Cross-Cultural Management)Al 25 jaar begeleid ik leiders en professionals in hun ontwikkeling om de gekozen organisatie strategie te implementeren en daarmee de performance van de organisatie te verbeteren en concretiseren. Talent inzetten voor organisatieontwikkeling. Leiders hebben volgers, volgers worden leiders. Via verbeter en verandermanagement. Ik zie mezelf graag als transitie coach met veel ervaring in trainen, adviseren en begeleiden.