Multi-site Business Information Systems

Securing the future competitive edge of today's multinationals

Auteur(s): F.L.G. van Lierop and H. Vanmaele (eds.)
Uitgave: Den Haag/Utrecht: Delwel/Berenschot, 1996
Uitgavedatum: 1 januari 1996
ISBN: 9061557364
Pagina's: 153
Bestelling: Deze publicatie is niet meer leverbaar door Berenschot.


Supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, multi-site planning and network logistics. Implementation of these concepts and of logistic/financial information systems among several subsidiaries of a multinational often causes problems. Berenschot and Ghent University thougt it reason to study the issue further.

This book offer concrete leads and a generic plan of approach on selectiion and implementation of a multi-site business information system. Every manager who is involved in cross-border management should read it.

Multi-site Business Information Systems