Wat beweegt professionals? (What motivates professionals?)

Motives underlying career decisions

Author(s): Derk Jan Nijhoff, Etienne Commissaris, Bianca Dekker, Brigitte Been, Lisette Nieman
Published: Schoonhoven: Academic Service, 2002
Publishing date: 1 January 2002
ISBN: 90 5261 3850
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In recent years professionals have been fully exposed to the spotlight, in part because they represent an ever increasing share of the labour force in the Netherlands. Gaining the commitment of and captivating professionals has dominated the HRM agenda during the past few years. This remains an important theme, even during times of economic malaise. As a professional organisation, how do you keep your people motivated, how do you prevent top performers from leaving and how do you ensure that you have the required people on board during good times as well as bad times.

In Wat beweegt professionals? (What Motivates Professionals?), professionals discuss what motivates them to make certain career choices. The book provides insight into the key motives of professionals, what influences the career decision-making process and the way in which decisions are made. Recruiting and retaining professionals is an art in itself, particularly since they form a diverse and headstrong group.