World-Class Purchasing in Belgium & Luxembourg

Berenschot Purchasing Survey 2002, in collaboration with SAS

Auteur(s): M.L.J. Boodie, B.J.A. Leeflang, S.F.J. Verwee en D.J. Viane
Uitgave: Utrecht: Berenschot i.s.m. Berenschot Belgium, 2002
Uitgavedatum: 1 januari 2002
Pagina's: 100
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In early 2002, with the assistancde of SAS, Berenschot incorporated World-Class Purchasing elements into a major research project involving purchasers in Belgium and Luxembourg. This book contains our research findings.

Procurement is under development. The days in which purchasers did little more than keep factories running are long gone. A steadily increasing number of purchasers perform tehir tasks basesd on an integrated supply chain vision. The contribution made by suppliers is increasing and the precentage of the share of purchasing in turnover has risen. With steady growth in purchasing volume, the imnportance of World-Class Purchasing is self-apparent.